I’m so jazzed!

November 4, 2018 Blog 0 Comments

jazz microphone music clubLast week, I participated in a webinar with Julie Diamond, an executive coach, consultant and author, and her guest Sheelagh Davis, Organization and Leadership Development Consultant from the Fraser Health Authority in Vancouver. They talked about the role that authority and use of power play in leadership effectiveness. There were some good tips on how to use the Power Intelligence® and The Diamond Power Index ®, a framework and leadership assessment tool developed by Julie. I have the great privilege of being one of the few coaches in Canada trained in this framework and I’m excited to have it as part of my coaching practice!

As leadership coaches, in the webinar we were reminded how edgy this conversation can be for our clients. But what if we could make friends with power and step fully into our powerfulness? What would be possible from this place, for you, for your team, and for your organization? Power affects all elements of an organization – for better or worse.

Consider these questions for yourself:

  • How effective are you feeling in your leadership role these days? Are you getting the outcomes you want?
  • If you aren’t feeling effective, where are you struggling?

Chances are your answers are connected to the gap between how people perceive and experience your authority and power and your own sense of authority and power.

Curious about how you might increase your leadership effectiveness? Send me an email and let’s connect on how we can journey together to get you the results you want and deserve.

Here’s what a community leader and recent participant in my Transforming Power Leadership Café said about their experience:

“I am excited to share that one of my favourite colleagues, mentor and friend, Louise Pitre, is coming to our community next week to do what she does best…deconstruct power and offer safe and creative ways to explore our own power and increase our awareness of the impact it is having on those around us. I had the privilege of participating in a similar event with Louise and it was a necessary pause and examination, allowing me to move forward in my leadership with greater awareness and intention.”